Saturday 2 April 2016

I am starting this blog a bit late since the book was actually published in September 2015.  However I am going to attempt to catch up by mentioning events that happened between the book being published and the present as I add new entries.  For example I did get a book write-up in a dental journal as well as a video interview with the Canadian Dental Association.  There were a couple of local newspapers that highlighted Cuddles the Cat Goes to the Dentist.

For now I am going to mention that the website I have set up for the book can be found at:
or also at:

And the website for the book's publisher is at:

I have made several coloring pages from the illustrations in the book, which were provided by a patient of mine.  Angela Lugrin (Geary) did a great job with the colorful illustrations of Cuddles and Bob.  I have black and white versions of many of the illustrations that would make fun coloring pages for teachers, parents, and dental offices.  I'll insert one example for now and if it works well, I'll post more coloring pages in future blogs.

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